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Hema Malini's driver was driving recklessly: Police

The accident that had resulted in the death of a two year old girl named Chinni. Hema Malini had previously blamed the father of the dead girl for not obeying traffic rules in a tweet yesterday, which had resulted in more Twitter bashing for her.

The father of the girl also hit back at Hema Malini for indulging in blame game, right after his daughter had died.

“I had never met with an accident until last Thursday when I lost my daughter. Moreover, I am acquainted with the Dausa-Agra and Dausa-Lalsoth road. I say with conviction that I was at no fault. And I advise Hema Malini to stop playing the blame game,” Hanuman Khandelwal, the girl’s father, told a local Indian newspaper. Khandelwal is being treated at the poly trauma ward of the SMS hospital in Jaipur for a backbone injury.

However, police claimed that it was the driver of Hema Malini’s Mercedes which was being recklessly driven and caused the accident. According to the police, the car was being driven at around 150 kmph which made it hard for him to apply the brakes.

DSP Rajesh Tyagi said, “I am not aware of what Hema Malini has said. As far as we could understand, the driver of the Mercedes in which Hema Malini was travelling was at fault. He was driving recklessly. The speed of Mercedes was nothing less than 150kmph which caused difficulty in applying brakes on time.”

Esha Deol, Hema Malini’s daughter had come forward and defended her mother earlier by stating,”When the accident happened, she (Hema) was asleep. She had told everyone to wear their seat belts. But achanak picche se jor ka dhakka laga (suddenly we felt jolt from the rear side),” Esha had said. ¬†Esha had also revealed that her mother had decided to provide the family with financial aid, because she was a good human being.

Cousin of Khandewal, the father of the dead girl, said:-

“She (Hema) might be a big shot but instead of praying for the speedy recovery of the family, she has entered into this blame game. I will request her to keep calm, take care of her injury and pray for our family as we have already lost a little girl.”



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