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Here's 5 reasons why you should wake up early!

Sleeping early and as a result waking up early in the morning has its perks and privileges (health-wise). For those of you who are considering waking up early in order to have an energetic, productive and healthy day, here are 5 reasons to egg you on!

1. You breakfast like a King!

Yes you do! Breakfast is the most essential and important meal of the day. After a good night’s sleep, your body is exhausted as your brain keeps awake and active at all times, requiring nutrition. Otherwise if you wake up late and frantically get ready for work, consuming whatever you can find for breakfast, it will most essentially have an adverse effect on your health.

2. Exercise/meditate/yoga

Rise and shine early in the morning so that you can do your body some justice! For those of you who are familiar in waking up early, of course you have time to exercise and meditate. This keeps your body in shape and supplies you with the relevant energetic vibe. Meditating early in the morning can provide you with clarity and ample time to prepare yourself for the oncoming hectic day.

3. Productivity at its best!

Your mind is at its peak during the morning. hence you better put it to good use! Get done with your most herculean tasks early in the mornings so you have the rest of the day to enjoy. Also, getting up early in the morning can get you to have a head start on your tasks for the day and start planning in advance. Nothing spells efficiency like waking up in the morning to get ahead of your daily chores!

4. A prolonged sleep does you wonders!

Early risers also tend to have well established sleep routines. When you wake up early, your biological clock will also enable you to sleep at the earliest, which will lead to establishing a healthy sleep routine. A proper amount of sleep will ensure you remain productive, active and energetic throughout the day.

5. Away with depression and anxiety!

A 2013 German study found a higher association between depression and the tendency to sleep late. Won’t you agree sleeping early and getting up early in the morning has a good effect on your mood and mental health?



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