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Here’s why you shouldn’t believe everything you see on Instagram

Instagram can give you an appearance of your dreams, but sometimes it gets to so unrealistic level that may haunt you like anything.

Recently, hair colourist Ursula Goff posted two selfies on her account, showing how Instagram isn’t a fair representation.

One photo showed her without makeup or her hair styled, the other one showed her with styling:


Goff said the photos, taken a few days apart, were intended to highlight how photography techniques can affect perception and subsequently people’s esteem.

“I think it’s important to note that lighting, angles, facial expression, and make-up make a huge difference in photography and presentation (especially in my case!). Social media can make it easy to feel like everyone else is awesome and perfect all the time, but that’s really never true.”

She further added:

“I think of all the young people out there, especially girls, who are influenced by media in this way, and I think about how badly I know I’d feel if I were a teen today, trying to cope with ever more perfect females all over the place… Part of the solution, I think, is more people opting to take a moment here and there to be real and show what’s behind the smoke and mirrors, because it’s relevant for y’all to know that this isn’t reality.”
















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