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He’s just a normal bowler: Rohit Sharma refuses to give props to Amir

Rohit Sharma was one of the Indian batsmen who fell prey to Mohammad Amir’s blistering pace in the India-Pakistan Asia Cup Twenty20 clash a couple of weeks ago. Unable to fathom Amir’s deadly accuracy, Rohit was caught lef before by the left arm quickie.

An India-Pakistan encounter always attracts millions of viewers from around the globe and this encounter was no different. Pakistan were skittled out for a meager 83 runs, the team’s batting performance dismal yet again. India was being touted as the clear winner until Mohammad Amir came in to bowl. The left-arm fast bowler produced a series of deadly deliveries that sent Indian batsmen back to the pavilion, Sharma being one of them.

Pakistan went on to lose the match but Mohammad Amir won laurels from Pakistani cricket enthusiasts back home as well as respect from the opposition’s camp. However, Rohit Sharma was not easily impressed by the Pakistani’s bowling prowess. In a recent interview, this is what Sharma said about all the hype surrounding Amir:-

“Just leave him… He’s just come (after the ban) and I don’t think we should go gaga about him. Let him perform for one more year and we will see whether he deserves so much,” said Rohit. The Indian batsman also said that Amir needed to be consistent in order to attract more hype.

“He’s good but he needs to prove again and again. It’s not right to hype him so much after just one match. Not just for him or who are watching it, let him do it over and over again.”

Sharma also spoke on how Amir was being compared to Pakistani bowling legend Wasim Akram and said at this point, that was not the case.

“People are comparing him to Wasim Akram and all that. It’s wrong. Let him achieve some bit. Definitely he is got talent but it’s not like he rips apart all line-ups. He’s just a normal bowler who was good on that day,” said the right-handed batsman.

Rohit did heap praise on his team member Bumrah by urging the interviewer to talk about him rather than Amir.

“Instead of talking about Amir you should talk about Bumrah. He’s our Indian bowler and doing well. He’s a rare talent. He’s young. He’s got a long way ahead. The way he has started he will do something special.”

Brave words from a man who couldn’t stand his ground when it came to facing Amir!



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