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HESCO employees caught red handed accepting bribe, selling wires

MIRPURKHAS:  At least two Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO) employees were caught on camera accepting bribe to reduce the bills and selling wires owned by WAPDA.

There was a man who sold wires, the other accepted bribe to reduces hefty bills and both claimed patronage by higher officials within the department.

As shown in ARY News program ‘Sar-e-Aam’ , an Executive Engineer’s  signature were very much there on reduced bills while the SDO Mirpurkhas protected the corrupt officer.

LAL CHAND- The man who sold wires


Lal Chand, a HESCO employee, sold at least 3 to 4 wire packets to a Sar-e-Aam representative by accepting 14,400 rupees in bribe.


In the team’s second meeting with Mr Chand, he provided three wire bundles by accepting almost the same amount. In a show of his ‘generosity’, the HESCO employee provided an extra bundle ‘free of cost’.

The wires sold had a WAPDA seal.

When approached by the media team with video proofs, Lal Chand maintained that he received the wires from a Line Superintendent in Naukot.

As the media team took him to Executive Engineer, the officer assured ARY News that a proper inquiry will take place and it will be probed as to how Lal Chand got hold of the wires and how he sold them.

Everything was recorded on camera.


The wires with WAPDA seal

Ghulam Muhammad- the man who accepted bribe and reduced hefty bills


Another HESCO officer Commercial Assitant Ghulam Muhammad, accepted at least 5 to 6 thousand rupees to reduce bills amounting to 42000 and 50,000 rupees into 5 t0 6 thousand rupees.

In the second meeting, the guy accepted 3 to 4 more bills for the same purpose. The ARY News team repeated all this the third time and the HESCO officer complied.

As everything was recorded, the ARY News team approached the officer with videos of his wrongdoing. Denying everything first, the officer later accepted that he was involved in corruption.

The bills reduced after the activity had signatures of SDO Mirpurkhas and Executive Engineer, but the ARY News team could not meet both as they both left the office during the team’s interrogation with the officer. So, the ARY team left only to come back later to confront the two.

Confronting the SDO and Executive Engineer

The ARY News team matched the signature on reduced bills with those of Executive Engineer Mirpurkhas and SDO Mirpurkhas and found that the signatures were those of the incumbent SDO and Executive Engineer.

Ghulam Muhammad had also accused the duo of corruption but when approached, the Executive Engineer denied signing any such bill.

The SDO Mirpurkhas, who, on camera, accepted that he prevented Ghulam Muhammad’s dismissal, also denied any wrongdoing and claimed that the inquiry in this regard will be fair.

SDO Mirpurkhas Amjad Sheikh and Executive Engineer HESCO-Mirpurkhas




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