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Why did Nawaz Sharif’s convoy speed off ahead of the rally?

ISLAMABAD: The cavalcade of Nawaz Sharif accelerated while heading to the town of Jhelum on the GT Road on Thursday leaving the ousted prime minister much ahead of his followers.

However, well-informed sources said that the reason why the cavalcade sped off was due to credible reports of a likely terror attack intending to disrupt the rally.

Several intelligence agencies issued a threat alert that terrorist organisations were planning an attack at the rally.

The news of the threat alert also reached Nawaz Sharif, and party leaders made the prompt decision to speed away his vehicle ahead the crowd to escape any untoward incident.

The rally picked up speed and passed Gujar Khan after a brief halt where the ex-PM delivered a speech. The hilly areas of Turki ahead of the city are considered a dangerous area with credible chances of any eventuality.

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Sharif’s vehicle separated from the rally, along with a police escort as he was not traveling in the bombproof container. He did not stop at a camp where workers had gathered, and crossed a number of small stops.

Other sources also informed that several PML-N party leaders advised Nawaz Sharif that it is was rather difficult to gather a large number of participants in Jhelum, and suggested to display the show of power in Gujranwala and ultimately in Lahore.

An air ambulance was also arranged at the Islamabad airport including Rescue 1122 officials to prevent any eventuality in case of a mishap or terror incident.

Nawaz Sharif planned to reach Gujranwala on Thursday night but eventually decided to reach Jhelum where he addressed his followers and eventually decided  to stay overnight in the town.


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