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Pakistan-origin British police officers introduce hijab as part of their uniform

NORTH YORKSHIRE: Two Pakistan-origin British police officers Uzma Amireddy and Arfan Rahouf introduce Hijab as part of police uniform in which has been approved by North Yorkshire police department, ARY News reported on Monday.

Uzma Amireddy was born in Lahore and has been in England since she was 13 years old where she later joined the British police department ten years ago. She also acts as a coordinator for Positive Action Campaign in police and has now become the first Muslim woman to wear hijab as part of her police uniform on duty.

Talking to ARY News program Bakhabar Savera earlier today that not only this hijab, that she has introduced, is comfortable and relieving, but is set to fulfil the religious requirements of Muslim women. She said the new development will help Muslim women to join the forces.

With this Hijab as part of police uniform, the Muslim female personnel will not have to compromise on an essential constituent of their faith, she said.

Another Muslim police officer Arfan Rahouf said that throughout the process of introducing hijab and up until its approval, the British police has played a very encouraging and positive role.

Rahouf, who was born in England but with origins in Kashmir, who also is a coordinator for British police’s PAC and works as a lead in Operational Faith and Belief, said talking Bakhabar Savera that this hijab will reach across entire Britain police department from New Yorkshire.



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