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Hilarious video shows what Trump would do if aliens attack US

A clip from popular comedy show ‘Saturday Night Live’ is going viral for a reason.

The clip shows how United States president Donald Trump would react if aliens attack the country under his presidency. the 5 minute 22 seconds video mocks everything related to Trump, from his obsession with reality TV, Arnold Schwarzenegger, his anti-immigrant policies, his hate for the mainstream media, and his alleged treatment of sensitive issues with insensitivity.

A military officer played by the cast member Kenan Thompson told Mr Trump (played by Alec Baldwin), “The aliens are killing us, sir. They have the most advanced weaponized technology we’ve ever seen. What should we do?”

The Trump character responded, “Here’s what we’re going to do. We are going to bring coal back, O.K.? We’re going to have so much coal, you’re going to say, ‘Where did all this coal come from? I never knew there could be so much coal.’”

Informed that the aliens had already vaporized the state of California, Mr. Baldwin answered, “So then I won the popular vote?”

As Trump, Baldwin explained that the aliens had already been secretly living in the United States for hundreds of years. “Look, there’s one right there,” he said, pointing at a black woman. “And so is the woman next to her, right there,” he said, pointing at another black lady soldier.

Asked by the officer as to where he was getting all information, Mr. Baldwin replied, “From a very reputable source, Infowars. It’s a radio show hosted by Alex Jones. You know he’s legit because he’s always taking off his shirt.”

When the aliens at last overrun the base, they ask as to who is the leader of the human, to which, Mr Trump points at the military officer. As the officer tells the aliens that Mr. Trump is president, one creature declares, “Really? This is going to be so easy.”

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