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Hit and Run Case: Salman Khan is in serious trouble

A forensic expert told the session court in Mumbai that an extra amount of alcohol was found in Salman Khan’s blood sample when the incident took place.

Salman Khan had undergone a test at that time to find alcohol content in his blood and the chemical experts confirmed that the alcohol found in his blood was higher than permissible limit. The chemical expert gave his testimony today on 3rd December in the court.

The actor is facing a trial these days for culpable homicide not amounting for murder in a session court in Mumbai. Salman is alleged for killing a street dweller and injuring 4 others sleeping on a footpath in Mumbai back in 2002. The case that is in process for 12 years now have faced many twists and turns but so far no final verdict has come out. The recent development of the case that has taken pace this year, is turning out to be a nightmare for the star actor.



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