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Hit-and-run case: Salman reeked of liquor but was not drunk

Salman Khan who is currently involved in a couple of lawsuits, had a trial session on 22nd January of hit-and-run case where the witness of the incident Dr. Shashikant Pawar medical officer at JJ hospital recorded his statement. The doctor said that Salman breathed of the alcohol when he had drawn blood for the test but clinical examination had proved that the actor was not drunk.

Dr. Pawar was the duty officer at the hospital who examined Salman when he was brought there by police on the day when the incident took place. The doctor stated while he was extracting the blood of Salman’s body he noted that the actor was reeking alcohol.

“In clinical examination, he was not under the influence of alcohol but his breath smelled of alcohol. No abnormality was detected from his central nervous system, respiratory system. But his blood pressure was high,” said the doctor.

The Bollywood reigning star climbed on the pavement of a bakery in Mumbai on 28th September 2002. That unfortunate incident killed one and injured four dwellers that were sleeping on the footpath. The 49-year-old actor has been accused of being drunk while driving the car. Earlier many hearings have taken place but no final verdict has come out yet, the next hearing of the case is on 27th January.




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