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Ho Mann Jahaan is a coming-of-age film, based on 3 friends: Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan’s arrival on The Morning Show  was being anticipated, ever since it was announced a couple of days ago. With just barely a few weeks left till the whole world gets a glimpse of ARY Films’ Ho Mann Jahaan, it was only logical that Mahira Khan say a few words about her role in the flick. The Raees actress was given a warm welcome on arrival and sat down immediately to talk about her role in the movie.

Ho Mann Jahaan

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Sanam started off by stating that Ho Mann Jahaan‘s song Shakar Wandaan was getting a huge response, for which she was happy.
“Actually, we have a group through which we check on the dubsmashes. Every day when I check on my phone, there are as many as 10-15 dubsmash videos of the song Shakar Wandaan. People are actually liking and appreciating it,” said Mahira.

Ho Mann Jahaan

When Sanam Baloch asked Mahira to tell everyone about what was Ho Mann Jahaan, this is what she said:-
I’ve been known to reveal too much, as far as movies and their plots are concerned,” she said. “But for me, Ho Mann Jahaan is a story of three friends as well as two generations. It is a coming-of-age film wherein three friends follow their passions but then encounter conflicts and obstacles. That’s it for the moment.”

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Mahira also elaborated as to how her experience was regarding shooting for the movie.
“My first movie was Bol, at which point I was new at acting and obviously didn’t know anything,” she said. “Then came Bin Roye, and in that film I worked extra hard. I was told to produce acting even when there wasn’t room for it at times,” she said lightly. “So in comparison, Ho Mann Jahaan was lighter and more fun. I play a contemporary girl, something which I have never played before, except for in just one drama. This role that I am playing is of a girl who’s very driven and passionate about what she wants from life.”

Mahira Khan also recounted an interesting incident from while she was shooting for the movie. Mahira was on top of a mountain-like structure, braving the harsh cold of Chitral when she accidentally spilled tea on her jeans.
“I am very accident-prone, ” she said. “I am always dropping things left, right and center.  So we were on a very high mountain-like place in Chitral and it was freezing cold. I spilled a whole cup of tea on my jeans! Don’t ask me what happened later,” quipped Mahira.

Ho Mann Jahaan

On the subject of tea, Mahira also revealed that it was definitely an egg that she needed every morning to wake her up. Mahira also revealed that her breakfast was complete with an egg, a paratha and a cup of tea.
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Mahira also spoke about her co-stars Adeel Hussain and Shehehryar Munawar.
“We’ve become really fast friends, all three of us,” she said. “I’ve never ever fought with Adeel or Sheheryar, though at times I would get angry on them. Actually, these two are really good actors who get into their roles. So at times I used them to chill out and relax. At times, I was successful in pulling Sheheryar out but of course, Adeel is more of a perfectionist.”
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Mahira also interestingly revealed that due to a shooting scene which was required of her from Ho Mann Jahaan, she was required to drive a car. Hence, here is how Mahira Khan learned how to drive.  



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