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Man creates Harry Porter’s Hogwarts castle with sand

An artistic video has been doing rounds on social media platforms where Leonardo Ugolini made out of sand the Hogwarts castle from ‘Harry Potter’,  as people acknowlege creativity can sprout just about anywhere.

He posted a time-lapse video of the entire process on his Instagram. Take a look. It just cannot be missed.


With a shovel in his hand, Ugolini can be seen making the entire castle from literally just the scratch. He uses a bucket to get the circular shape of the same. His aethetic creation succeeds to replicate the fantasy castle that many know about through the books written by JK Rowling and the movies based on it.

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In his time-lapse video posted on Instagram account, he used a stick as a wand when other parts of the castle magically appear. Then, Ugolini’s miniature castle is seen flying around it on a broom, just like a wizard or a witch will.

For obvious reasons, the video went viral as soon as it was shared. The internet fell in love with the artistic prowess that was shown in the video and was stupefied. Especially for the Potterheads around the world, this could take them back into Rowling’s magical world that became extremely popular.



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