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Hollywood action movie Southpaw's trailer releases!

From the looks of it, the movie seems pretty good too! The trailer was released a couple of days ago and featured Jake in a down-but-not-out role as a boxing lightweight champion. The trailer opens up with the viewer getting a perfect picture of boxer Billy Hope’s (Jake Gyllenhaal) perfect life; a lightweight boxing champion who has a pretty wife and a darling daughter. Following an argument that goes horrifically wrong, Billy loses it all; his career is jeopardized and his daughter is snatched away by the court from him. With his life and career both falling apart, the cliched boxing plot comes to life as Billy must train harder and with more vigor to win back the things he love the most. Strained relations with his daughter and a fragile temperament are the two hindrances for the boxer to regain everything he aspires for, again.

Southpaw Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Jake… by tariqssl

The film has an ensemble cast to its name. Starring as the female lead opposite Gyllenhaal is veteran actress from the Mean Girls movie Rachel McAdams. Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker who has starred in numerous critically acclaimed films such as Phone Booth, Taken 3, The Last King Of Scotland, The Butler, Street Kings, Repo Men and The Experiment, also play a supporting actor’s role in the movie. Jake Gyllenhaal himself is a noteworthy actor who has starred in movies which have earned him awards as well as nods of appreciation from films such as Nightcrawler, Day After Tomorrow, Rendition, Jarhead, Brothers and BrokeBack Mountain. 

Musicians are also attached to Southpaw as we see phenomenal rapper 50 cent play an important role in the movie, an influential man who offers Billy a shot at the title. Renowned British songstress Rita Ora plays a junkie in the movie. American rapper Eminem had been slated to play the lead instead of Jake Gyllenhaal but the musician had turned down the lead role in order to focus more on his music. However, the rapper has contributed musically to the film, as we hear the trailer of a brand new song by Slim Shady in the background.



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