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Do you know how much these Hollywood stars earn?

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

According to sources, the Wolf Of Wall Street star charges around $20 to 25 million per movie, an astronomical amount. However, it must also be borne in mind that every movie that DiCaprio stars in grosses a huge amount worldwide (which justifies his big salary). Since the actor was also producing the Wolf Of Wall Street movie, he settled for a whopping $10 million fee for the film. Definitely not even near his usual fee mark! After the film’s tremendous response at the box office, DiCaprio made $25 million in total!

2. Liam Neeson

This tough old mean action hero has been giving a drubbing to skilled villains ever since the Taken series debuted. Liam charged an impressive $20 million for Taken 3 and why shouldn’t he? His action films never disappoint at the box office and always make producers big bucks!

3. Sandra Bullock

Miss Congeniality has also been flipping through stacks of money, if we are to consider her earnings upfront for Gravity which were an astounding $20 million. Gravity made a whopping $716 million worldwide, which means Sandra might be looking towards an upward bump in her already-huge pay scale!

4. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

After conquering WWE with high flying, electrifying wrestling moves and winning countless championships, the Brahma Bull has moved on to conquering the world of film entertainment. The Walking Tall star has had considerable success with hit films such as Hercules, Fast and the Furious franchise and G.I.Joe:Retaliation. Reportedly, he charges up to $15 million per film for movies such as Furious 7 and San Andreas.

5. Jennifer Lawrence

The Hunger Games star has charged $10 million for the second installment film Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Industry experts are estimating her current earnings from acclaimed movies such as Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 and Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 at around close to $15 million-$20 million.

6. Robert Downing Jr.

We’ve seen him battling terrorists and America’s enemies with fists of iron and nerve wracking flying speed. Yes, it’s Iron Man we are talking about! The man behind the iron suit, namely Robert Downing Jr. charges $15 million per film for his roles. Apparently, due to the immense success his Iron Man film series enjoy at the box office, his first-money deal ensures that he gets paid around $30 million plus!

7. Bradley Cooper

The American Sniper star has also been part of the famous comedy franchise Hangover whose all sequels took the world by storm. He charged $15 million for these movies and with the success of  films such as Silver Linings Playbook and American Sniper, there remains no doubt the versatile actor will quite soon move onto the $20 million club!

8. Will Smith

He wasn’t such a prolific artist back in the days when he rapped but Will Smith has certainly earned his keep as an actor! The star who made his way into acting with the hit comedy sitcom from the early 90s Fresh Prince of Beil-Air has made it big with films such as I. Robot, Hancock, Bad Boys 2 and I Am Legend. Smith’s movies also gross big hence earning him the right to charge a heft $20 million per movie!

9. Angelina Jolie

Mrs.Brad Pitt also charges a pricey salary for her works. Famous for her beautiful, sultry looks, this American beauty has had the privilege of starring in critically acclaimed films such as Mr. and Mrs.Smith, The Wanted, A Mighty Heart and Salt. According to sources, Jolie is soon about to move into the $20 million club.

10. Denzel Washington

Undeniably one of the best actors of all time, Denzel Washington has worked hard to get where he’s at. He may charge an astronomical $20 million per movie, but Washington has provided directors and producers with hits after hits such as The Equalizer, American Gangster, Training Day, Man on Fire, The Bone Collector and Crimson Tide.




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