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Cries of the Kashmiri people need to be heard, says Hollywood actress

Actress Erica Derrickson has said that Indian forces are carrying out human rights violations in the region.

“The Indian military is oppressing, abusing, murdering, raping, torturing Kashmiri people. For over 70 days, there has been a curfew…they are not allowed to leave their homes without risk of death.”

Derrickson said that internet has been closed whereas communication is being limited and controlled. She added that people living in other countries cannot reach their families during this time.

“This is an awful time in Kashmir. I don’t profess understand all the history and situation but what I do understand is that this is wrong,” she said.

She recalled her story of having Kawah tea with a Kashmiri family who had sold her a carpet while she was visiting the region. She stated that all 13 members of the family were killed by the Indian military later.

She added that violence is not the answer to the crisis. Derrickson said that most of the casualties were people under the age of 18 years.

“The cries of the Kashmiri people need to be heard,” the actress stated.



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