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WATCH: Homeowner opens fire on armed robbers

A homeowner foiled a robbery attempt after he opened fire on armed muggers who tried to break into his apartment in Florida.   

In the shocking video, three armed robbers in black hoodies can be seen walking from the complex’s sidewalk to the victim’s front door. After checking that the coast is clear, the robbers broke into the house in broad daylight.

They worriedly came running out seconds after the homeowner fired at them.  The burglars desperately fled the scene, including one suspect who jumped over the balcony onto the ground, Mail Online.

Following the incident, the Neptune Police Department confirmed one suspect was shot in the chest and went to a local hospital for treatment.

An unidentified person drove the injured suspect in a silver Pontiac and authorities have since named them a person of interest.

The other two suspects remain at large. As of Wednesday, authorities said they were chasing several leads in their quest to track down the suspects.

The remaining suspects have been described as young men in their 20s, wearing black hoodie and black shoes.

Investigators are set to question the injured suspect. They could face charges in addition to robbery. The homeowner will not be charged for firing at the suspects.



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