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Honda unveils self-balancing bike at CES 2017

Honda has introduced a new technology which will give riders joy with complete peace of mind by incredibly reducing the chances of falling over.

Honda demonstrated debutant ‘Riding Assist’ technology at CES 2017. It leverages Honda’s robotics technology to create a self-balancing technology.



“This Riding Assist does not use large gyroscopes, which would add a lot of weight and limit the bike’s ability to maneuver. It leverages Honda Robotics technology originally developed for the UNI-CUB,” says a press statement issued by Honda.

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“For the future, it is very difficult for any company to have such a broad range of technology areas. Therefore, Honda wants to seek strategic collaboration with technology companies that have entered the mobility industry”

The front fork of the bike is automatically lowered and stretched for better stability when put on Riding Assist mode. The bike also makes left and right steering adjustments on its own to ensure balance, no matter if a rider is seated or not.

Here’s the complete press conference by Honda at CES 2017.



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