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Honey Singh filled the void left by my music: Pakistani rapper Bohemia

Pakistani rapper Bohemia is one of the most prolific desi rappers around nowadays. His meaningful, deep lyrics are the reason he has gained popularity and not because of his need to come up with pop songs. However, the same cannot be said about popular Indian rapper/musician Yo Yo Honey Singh.

Honey Singh, who is one of the most popular musicians in India at the moment, was credited by Bohemia with filling the gap that he had left.

“His songs are more ­oriented for the ­popular culture. When you listen to his songs, you feel like ­dancing to them. There’s a lot of fun element to them. My niece listens to Paani Paani and ­immediately starts dancing,” said Bohemia on his visit to Fever 104 FM studios.

Honey Singh

“Honey filled the void that I created with my music. People ­listen to my music for lyrics. They try to find meaning in it. Honey’s songs don’t focus much on lyrics. He came first and did his own thing, which was to ­create songs that were  more pop than rap. And I really have a lot of respect for that,” he adds.  The Karachi-born rapper also feels that unlike him, Yo Yo Honey Singh didn’t have a tough life.

“I have faced a lot in my life. One of my cousins is on a ­murder trial. And there are many experiences like that. And that’s what my songs do. They are about my experiences. I try and tell people what these ­experiences mean to me,” he says, adding,  “But Yo Yo Honey Singh never had to face all that. So why should he write about that? I don’t think that you have to go through a lot in life to make music.”

Honey Singh

Could this necessarily mean that a collaboration between both hip hop artists be headed our way?



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