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Horrific Delhi gang-rape and lynching of 14 year-old girl shocks India

India has seen many rape cases, some of which have been infamous for their extremity, such as Jyoti Singh’s rape and murder in 2012. However, a new rape case has jolted the world’s largest democracy, in which a 14 year-old girl was gang-raped by 5 accomplices in Nerala and then murdered. After raping her, the five men killed her and then mutilated her. As if the rape and murder wasn’t enough, the girl’s face was smashed in with bricks and stones so that no one would be able to recognise her.

Initial investigation revealed that the girl was riding with her brother on a motorcycle and had reached the village at around 10 pm when 5 men appeared out of nowhere in a rickshaw. When they tried to abduct the girl, her brother struggled and was hit on the head with a rod. He passed out, and the men were able to successfully whisk the girl away. The girl’s relatives found the brother lying on the road when they reached there.

“He told us that five goons had kidnapped his sister and fled the spot after injuring him. The relatives immediately called the police who reached the spot. However, they didn’t act swiftly to locate the auto-rickshaw used by the criminals,” said a family member.

On Friday morning, police were able to successfully locate the auto-rickshaw and also apprehend four out of the five suspects who had been involved in the murder and rape of the girl.

“On the basis of interrogation, Praveen, Deepak and Karan were arrested. Incidentally, one of the accused lives in the same village where the victim stays,” a police officer said. The police said they were shocked by the gory details. “One investigator left the room after listening to the horrifying tale. The accused told us that they took the minor to Janti Kalan, which is hardly three kilometres from Kundli village and gangraped her. Later, they started beating her with lathis, stones and bricks. They also said they wanted to smash the face of the victim so that no one would identify her,” added the police officer.

Upon interrogation, the suspects revealed that they had decided afterwards to bury the body of the girl, hence they took her to another village by the name of Nagal Kalan located at a distance of 10 km from the crime scene.

“The accused buried the body near a construction site so that no one could dig it out. But, our team caught the accused and exhumed the body within hours. The body was handed over to the family after autopsy,” a police officer said.



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