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Five horror films on Netflix you don’t want to miss this Halloween

There’s nothing like a good horror movie smack in the middle of October, with the fall season in its full glory! And what’s even better is finding classic horror flicks on Netflix for those perfect night-ins where you want nothing more than cuddling up in your favourite blanket with some popcorn.

While Netflix has quite the terror collection to get you hooked – from The Evil Dead to all seven seasons of the American Horror Story and the more recent Haunting of Hill House and Haunting of Bly Manor, there are some titles that are charmingly off the beaten track.

Here’s a list of five movies you don’t want to miss on Netflix this season, as compiled from Variety. Read on to find the perfect pick to get into the October spooky spirit!


What better film to top the list than one that features a man under quarantine as zombies gather up right outside? This Korean zombie flick features a man stuck inside his massive apartment complex as the world is overrun by zombies. How long can he stay alive with is depleting resources? And more importantly, who else is trapped inside the complex? This one is a great quarantine watch – pun intended.

House at the End of the Street

This 2012 Jennifer Lawrence starrer will take you right back to her glory days as she plays a teenager named Elissa who has just moved into a new neighborhood with her mom – right across a house with a grisly past. A girl supposedly killed her parents and fled from the scene from that house and Elissa befriends the brother of this girl. She goes on to stumble upon the secrets of the house at the end of the street.

The Platform 

This gritty Spanish flick is a great amalgamation of thriller and horror and revolves around a skyscraper prison that has a buffet placed on a central elevator to feed its inmates. This leaves nothing but scraps and garbage for those on the bottom floors, and it’s not long before the lack of resources turns the jail into a dog-eat-dog zone. It helps that it has an 83% rating on Rotten Tomatoes if you need any more reason to give it a watch.


This one’s not exactly an unknown horror film, in fact, it’s more of a classic but often gets overlooked on Netflix thanks to the barrage of content. But, if you haven’t yet watched this, you sure need to and if you already have, it’s not a bad time to rewatch either! This 1982 classic revolves around a local poltergeist who changes the lives of a pair of unsuspecting parents after attacks and abducts their children. Watch for some classic, old-school spookfest.

The Invitation 

Karyn Kusama of Jennifer’s Body and The Outsider fame delivered this thrilling 2015 film that revolves around a dinner party gone wrong, with high amounts of tension involved between a man and his ex-wife who invites him to the dinner in question. This is one film that you really need on your must-watch list this year.



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