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Horse spotted ‘boarding’ a bus in London

LONDON: London citizens had an unusual sight when they spotted a horse apparently trying to board a bus in Islington.

This bizarre sight of a horse wearing a neon yellow vest poking its head into a parked double decker was immediately captured by constable of St. Helier Simon Crowcroft.

Crowcroft told the Islington Gazette he happened upon the scene after taking a wrong turn and discovered the horse was a police animal who was assisting a man who had collapsed on the bus.

“We had actually got lost when we came across this strange scene of a horse appearing to get on a bus outside Sainsbury’s. It was just a very unusual image, and I always keep my phone handy due to the nature of my work,” he said. “You couldn’t see anything inside the bus, as a big horse was in the way. But it was obvious a mounted police officer was assisting at the scene.”

The Met Task force tweeted congratulations to the horse named Invictor for his role in assisting the collapsed passenger.

Crowcroft was happy the man was rescued and that his photos helped bring some attention to the work done by police.



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