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India should know that ‘this is Pakistan, not Myanmar’: Musharraf

In his exclusive talk with ARY News, Pervez Musharraf referred to the Indian ministers’ statements against Pakistan as aggressive and said that it will have befitting response.

“Neither the Pakistani armed forces, nor the people here are wearing bangles,” he warned the war maniac state, adding, “This is Pakistan, not Myanmar.”

The former army chief inquired India whether they have forgotten the Kargil War, reminding them ‘where they had run short of coffins for their soldiers’.


Musharraf vows India will be welcomed with… by arynews

“The War of Kargil had so perplexed the Indians that they conferred their highest military award ‘Param Vir Chakkra’ to a soldier who was alive then, under treatment at a hospital,” Musharraf slammed.

“Modi’s presentation of the Fall of Dhaka picture to Bangladeshi PM and his open admission of Indian interference to internally destabilize Pakistan has exposed India’s true face,” he explained while talking to ARY News.

“It clearly shows that India is intended to establish its supremacy by interfering in neighboring countries, but it must not forget that this is Pakistan,” warned the ex-army chief.

When asked what do this entire situation means, Pervez Musharraf said that they [India] want to exploit our internal weaknesses referring to ongoing insurgencies and sectarian conflicts here.

“If they are bent on hostility then come and they will be welcomed with Allah o Akbar – a slogan raised by the Pakistani armed forces while confronting enemy,” Musharraf vowed.

He also suggested the civil-military leadership to show their complete resolve to utilize the power Pakistan has got, which will serve as an effective deterrence for India.

“Since Modi has taken over India, the Indians are high and indulged in a fallacy that they could do whatever and wherever they want,” Musharraf blasted. “If it is so, then come, Sau Bismillah!



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