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Hot weather continues to torment Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The sun remained merciless on Monday as hot weather prevailed in most parts of the country, ARY News reported.

According to Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), the hot and dry weather is likely to prevail for next couple of days, with no chance of rain in Sindh and Balochistan.

The hottest day in the country was recorded yesterday when the mercury shot up to 53.5°C in Turbat city, breaking all-time high record of 53°C temperature in Larkana on May 31, 1998 and in Mohenjo Daro on May 27, 2010.

Pakistan has been one of the countries of the world suffering extreme climate change over the past few years. The country has witnessed several extreme weather events, sources at PMD said.

The highest temperature recorded in Turbat earlier, was 52°C on May 30, 2009. The PMD predicts that the current heat wave will persist across the country for the next three to four days.



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