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Hot weather continues to plague Karachi

The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has forecast that hot weather is likely to prevail in Karachi during the next two days.

The Temperature during the day is expected to range from 38°C to 40°C today and this spell will continue till Tuesday.

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The sun was merciless and residents across the city were compelled to stay indoors and vehicular traffic was at minimum. The intake of water and cold beverages increased manifold as people made all efforts to beat the heat.

Six people fainted yesterday and at least 60 people underwent treatment likely to be triggered by a heat stroke. As a result, health officials are on alert today due to a impending emergency at hospitals across the city.

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Several arrangements have been made and response centers have been established across the city. The public is strongly advised to take precautionary measures which include minimum exposure to the sun, maximum use of water and staying under shed during the day time.

The Met Department also said that light rain and thunderstorms are expected at a few places of Gilgit-Baltistan, Kashmir, Malakand and Hazara divisions, and its adjoining hilly areas during evening or night.



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