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How India and Pakistan came close to war due to Narendra Modi’s recklessness.

February 14, 2019: A car bomb attack in Pulwama region of India-occupied Kashmir killed 46 soldiers of India’s Central Reserve Police Force.

The attack was one of the deadliest-ever to have targeted Indian forces in the occupied valley. India accused Pakistan of orchestrating the attack however, to date it hasn’t provided any evidence to support its claims.

On February 26, Indian air force jets violated Pakistani airspace in a botched ‘surgical strike’ attempt Indian government touted the move as an act of ‘revenge’ against Pakistan for the Pulwama attack even though Pakistan had asked India to provide evidence and had offered to investigate whether its soil was used in the terrorist activity but India proceeded with launching an airstrike within Pakistan. Pakistan Air Force foiled the plan and forced Indian jets to return without causing any significant damage.

On February 27, Pakistan Air Force demonstrated its capability to strike within India by engaging targets across Line of Control without crossing the de-facto border between the two countries.

In response, India sent two of its fighter jets to strike within Pakistan once again, which were promptly shot down by Pakistan Air Force.

One Indian pilot, Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman, was captured alive by Pakistan when his plane fell inside Pakistani territory.

India claimed it shot down a Pakistan Air Force F-16, but so far it has failed to provide any proof in this regard.

Prime Minister Imran Khan on February 28 announced in parliament that captured Indian pilot would be released soon as a peace gesture.

The move received massive acclaim from within the country, across the border, and from international community with UN chief Antonio Guterres also welcoming Pakistan’s decision but Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi again hinted at his government’s intentions.

Addressing a gathering of scientists, Modi referred to the week-long series of events as ‘a pilot project’ and said the ‘real action’ would follow.

Several politicians, academics and analysts within India are now questioning the entire episode asking tough questions from PM Narendra Modi on the veracity of ‘300-350 deaths’ in the Balakot strike they even questioned their government’s claim that it shot down a Pakistani F-16 aircraft.

Media outlets aligned with BJP-led Indian government tried their best to cover up the series of blunders but one after another, the lies kept getting exposed.

Analysts say the scheme was devised to help BJP in upcoming elections and to revive the deal to purchase 36 Rafale jets from France. Modi is accused of favouring his aides through the deal

A BJP member in a party address said that this [whole episode] would help BJP win 23 seats.

Apparently, Modi and his party are pushing the subcontinent in a war which would be impossible to put an end to.



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