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Duration of rozas this Ramazan in various parts of the world

The month of Ramazan is eagerly anticipated around the world by Muslims. God commands Muslims to fast during the holy month of Ramazan, dawn till sunset. Eating and drinking is forbidden till sunset, when Muslims break their fast most of the times with a date and consume a celebratory meal known as Iftar.

For how long does a person have to fast (speaking strictly in terms of hours) depends on where he is in the world. For instance, Muslims in Denmark will observe the longest fast, which will be 21 hours long. Whereas for Muslims in Argentina, the going does not get tough, as they only have to fast for a meager 9 and a half hours! Muslims in the United Kingdom will fast for a period of 19 hours, meaning five hours later, they have to observe another fast again.

This is due to the fact that an individual’s fast commences from the time of Fajr prayer and concludes at the time of Maghrib prayers. The first fast of this year in Pakistan is expected to be on 19th June and it will be 15 hours and 10 minutes long. Take a look at the chart below to gauge the length of fasts during Ramazan in these different countries:-

Iceland, Sweden and Norway    

Fasts are expected to be 20 hours long.

Netherlands and Belgium

Fasts are expected to be 18.5 hours long


Fasts are expected to be 17.5 hours long

England and Germany

Fasts are expected to be 16.5 hours long

America, France, Italy and Egypt

Fasts are expected to be 16 hours long

Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Palestine

15 hours


14 hours and 51 minutes

Iraq, Syria, Morocco, Algeria, Libya and Sudan 

14 hours


10 hours

South Africa 

10 hours and 30 minutes


11 hours



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