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Hrithik collaborates with The Fast and the Furious director!

The new commercial, aptly titled “Naam Bante Hain Risk Se” is a typical Mountain Dew ad, in which the protagonist is able to take on highflying action and death defying stunts with just a sip of the energetic drink. Same is the case with Hrithik in the new commercial. The actor can be seen at first, prepping his vehicle for a race, the Dubai Desert Safari to be exact. When the race commences, Hrithik and his four friends are in a jam as the jeep refuses to start, enabling the other racers to get a decent head start lead. After an initial struggle, his jeep’s engine revives and he starts his course. Another twist awaits the hero as they see all other racers heading back in panic, an approaching desert storm being the cause. As the person sitting beside his asks in bewilderment as to why he’s not turning back, Hrithik proclaims his commitment to finish the race. And here’s where the Mountain Dew comes in. With a sip of the drink satisfying his parched throat and his friends following suit, Hrithik plunges his vehicle headfirst into the eye of the storm.  As is expected of any Mountain Dew daredevil, he emerges as the victor, surrounded by cheering enthusiasts.

Paul Cohen is known for his action packed movies and adventures. The Fast and The Furious won him accolades and laurels for the slick action sequences it featured. The film spawned a number of hit sequels which helped established his credibility as an action genre visionary.

Hrithik is currently filming for Mohenjo Daro, directed by Ashutosh Gowariker and co-produced by Walt Disney. His latest film to hit the theatres was Bang Bang!, inspired by Tom Cruise’s Knight and Day movie.



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