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Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut battle it out in court

Details of the legal notices that both Kangana and Hrithik were released by a leading Indian daily and they were not pretty. Both Bollywood superstars and former co-stars were said to be in a romantic relationship a couple of years ago. However, both started tweeting jibes at each other a few months ago and now, the relations between the two have further deteriorated ever since they have decided to take legal action against each other.

Hrithik has accused Kangana Ranaut in the legal notice of sending him a stupendous amount of 1,439 emails. According to the actor’s legal counsel, Ranaut sent him an average of ¬†fifty emails per day. Kangana denied the accusations in her legal notice and said Hrithik had made up a false ID and had hacked into her email to sent those emails. She also denied sending him as many emails and said the Agneepath star was clearly exaggerating.

Judging from both legal notices, it can be made out that Kangana met Hrithik Roshan at a party thrown by Karan Johar. There, she thanked him for appreciating her performance in Queen. Hrithik told her he not even seen the film, after which she told him about the emails she had received from him. Hrithik denied he had used that email ID and gave her his original email address. Allegedly, Kangana sent him 1,439 emails on his original email address.

Kangana claimed that Hrithik had hacked into her email account and deleted the emails he thought could complicate his divorce with then-wife Sussanne Khan.

Looks like this issue is far from reaching an amicable solution!



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