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Hrithik Roshan dedicates Taher Shah's 'Eye to Eye' to Ranveer Singh

Apparently, Taher Shah has a fan following in the Indian film industry as well. You’d expect the world to mock his songs yet the Pakistani singer has managed to impress Hrithik Roshan. So much so that the Bollywood actor dedicated Taher’s Eye to Eye his colleague Ranveer Singh, on the occasion of his birthday!

Imagine that, Hrithik Roshan dedicating our very own Taher Shah’s song to Ranveer Singh! The song, upon its release in Pakistan, created quite a storm as people joked about the ridiculous lyrics and Taher Shah’s comical way of staring into the screen. Also, his extremely long, curly hair and white suit created quite the buzz in the media!

Eye to eye song by Taher Shah 😀 by FAHEEM_ASGHAR
Taher Shah had earlier announced that he was about to mark his debut in Hollywood.

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Good going Taher Shah! Who knew a song such as this could go all the way to Hrithik Roshan himself!



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