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Hrithik, Sonam's latest song races close to 5 million views on YouTube

A Yo Yo Honey Singh song always seems to do the trick, due to its catchy lyrics and upbeat vibe. However, throw in Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor, and you definitely have a winner.

The latest music video to take the internet (and everyone) by storm is Dheere Dheere, a song sung by Yp Yo Honey Singh. The music video for the song also features Bollywood’s most eligible bachelor at the moment Hrithik Roshan and his leading lady Sonam Kapoor.


The video opens up with Sonam Kapoor, who portrays a carefree young spirit, having the time of her life with a group of her friends. The door to the lavish house opens and out steps Hrithik, looking exactly like the suave rockstar that he is. Dressed in a three piece suit, Hrithik looks regal.

Dheere Dheere Full VIDEO Song – Yo Yo Honey… by 4mOfficial
Dheere Dheere, the hit song from 1990’s Aashiqui, has been recreated by rapper Honey Singh. The video was published on the online platform, on September 1. Honey Singh is all over the song, as the rapper has not only sung the tune but he has also composed the music for it and written the lyrics.

Sonam Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan do not dance in the video at all and even remain a safe distance from each other. However, one of the reasons for the video getting so much appreciation is due to the couple’s on-screen chemistry. Both share funny, romantic moments during the song and Sonam Kapoor’s smile does the trick, of course!


Hrithik and Sonam each took to their Twitter accounts and thanked fans for watching the video:-

View the song for yourself and be the judge of Hrithik and Sonam Kapoor’s chemistry!



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