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Hrithik’s noisy party costs hotel Rs 25,000 fine

Apparently, Bollywood superstars love to party hard. However, it does create problems every now and then, when troubled citizens ring up the police to complain. Most recently, superstar Hrithik Roshan turned 42 and almost all of Bollywood’s bigwigs were present which included Shah Rukh Khan, Ameesha Patel and others were present at the scene.

However, a resident complained of loud music and disorderly parking, after which the police was called in. Police came in and did what was expected, slap Worli’s Four Seasons Hotel (where Hrithik was holding his bash) with a fine of Rs 12,500. This happened at 01:30 am but did not deter the participants from creating further ruckus. The loud music continued and hence, the police returned. Another fine of the same amount was slapped on the hotel again, when the party wrapped up. This happened around 03:30 am.

The party was held at AER lounge, at the rooftop on the 34th floor. A senior police official narrated the incident:-

“We had already gone and fined the hotel manager R12,500 once at 1.30 am. When we got the complaint, we went back and fined the manager the same amount again. This time, the party came to an end.”



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