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Huge cache of weapons seized near Kohat tunnel

RAWALPINDI: Security forces on Tuesday conducted an intelligence-based operation near Kohat Tunnel and recovered a huge cache of weapons, said the Inter Services Public Relations.

The weapons and ammunition including pistols, small-machine guns, rifles and ammunition boxes were being transported from Dara Adam Khel to Wana in a civil truck.

The weapons were discretely hidden inside truck lower body basement and truck body was placed over it. Two terrorists have been apprehended.

The weapons include 614 pistols and 579 magazines including 300 30-bore pistol, five 30-bore pistol MSB SP, six 30-bore Mouser, 197 black Zigana pistol, 16 Zigana camouflage, 30 black Beretta, four Pietro Beretta Golden, 20 Smith and Wesson, 10 Walther, and 26 Mikarov pistols.

Other 115 automatic weapons were also recovered including 106 Sub Machine Guns (SMGs), two short gun Kalakov, six Light Machine Gun (LMGs), and one A5.56 mm rifle. More than 7000 rounds of various calibre ammunition was also recovered.



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