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Humain Tang Mat Karo Warna Fata Se Karachi Tak Sab Band Kar Denge: Ex-president Zardari

The former president was sighted in an aggressive mood while addressing the oath-taking ceremony of PPP Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) chapter’s office-bearers.

“PPP has played a positive role, for we know how many threats are facing the country, not Musharraf,” he said. “Had he been aware of it then he would not have said things. I remained imprisoned for five years during his reign, but the brave commando is unable to stay behind the bars for only three months.”

“I was persuaded to go outside the country, but I did not,” the PPP co-chairman added.

He said that Peoples Party has not weakened; it is just that we have not come out for this is not the right time.

“We wait for the right time, weigh the political game and moves, however we also understand that some people are willful to do power politics, this is why I have kept all the political parties intact with us,” Zardari explained. “Some of my friends can take it as a mistake, but indeed it is that our existence is related to the existence of politics and democracy.”

They have not rendered any sacrifices for democracy, they have not quenched their thirst with the hot water inside the prison and so they don’t know the worth of democracy, he added.

The PPP chairman said that let it be if it was the RO’s election, at least there is democracy in the state.

“If we had resigned with the skipper, then the elections would have held but we did not want it. We want democracy to be strengthened, they might not have the patience but we do,” Asif Ali Zardari said.

Let the ones play, whom we have allowed to stay on wicket or else they would complain that they were not permitted to work for the country, the PPP chief said. This is why we are standing with the government, not because we have any interest in it.


Zardari subjects army to strong unveiled criticism by arynews

In a veiled criticism on military establishment, Asif Ali Zardari warned the ones challenging him to keep this in mind that “this Peoples Party, the day I stood up then the entire country would shut down from Fata to Karachi and will remain shut as long as I do not ask”.

“Stop maligning us, for if we started to do so then the deeds of several generals will also be discussed since the establishment of Pakistan,” he warned. “I do not want to see our institutions getting weakened, but we know how many cases are there in court with servicemen accused in them.”

“The day we held a press conference with a list of generals then everything will collapse, but we want to stand by your [army] side in a time when the entire world is against you,” the ex-president said. “We know what this country is meant and its worth and we have given sacrifices for the soil.”

This is our army, our institution, you have to stay for only three years, but we are to stay here forever so do not bother us or if you do this to us then we will also not spare you, he warned.

“Do not complain then for my tolerance has reached an optimum level, we voiced ‘Pakistan Khappey’ even when Benazir Bhutto was martyred, but this is the limit now.”

“You name everything a game and leave your puppets to promote it that too about things which you are not concerned with,” Zardari slammed.

Moreover, he asserted that ‘we know how to fight a battle and only we know it’.



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