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WATCH: Villagers baffled as ‘human’ goat surfaces

Villagers were baffled after they found a goat having a human-like face, with experts saying that it suffers from a rare congenital defect.

The ‘human’ goat is owned by Mukeshji Prajapap, from the village of Nimodia in India and first unveiled his flat-faced goat on film showing it wagging its tail and stumbling around.

At first, the oddball animal left villagers in Nimodia baffled as its freakish facial structure make it look just like a grumpy old man.

However, they now reportedly say the human-looking creature will be “worshipped as an avatar of the god.”

Images and clips of the goat have quickly gone viral after they were posted on social media.

Experts have suggested the goat suffers from a rare congenital defect known as ‘cyclopia’, where genes which under normal circumstances create facial symmetry fail.

This is not the first time that animals having faces resembling humans have surfaced. On December 04, social media is abuzz with footage of kittens with human faces.

The users are in awe to find such a close resemblance of humans in kittens and are eager to find how it was made possible?

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The answer to this question lies only with Tatyana Rastorgueva, a 44-year-old Russian felinologist and animal lover, who has been breeding cats since 2002 and regularly shares photos of it from her Instagram account catsvill_county.

The unusual Maine Coons are the result of breeding father cat Vatican and mother cat Lucien.

Tatyana said that each breeder has his own vision of the breed and selects individuals for further selection according to those traits that are important to him.



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