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Human traffickers kidnap four Pakistani youngsters in Turkey

ISTANBUL: Human traffickers kidnapped four Pakistani youngsters in Turkey and have demanded Rs. 2 million each for their release, ARY News reported.

According to details, the four youngsters named Zeeshan, Abid, Ashfaq and Adeel were seeking employment in Turkey when they were kidnapped the human smugglers.

All four of the abducted persons hail from Gujranwala city of Punjab province.

The Pakistani nationals were subjected to severe torture and its video clip was shot as well.

The kidnappers demanded ransom from the parents of the kidnapped persons through the telephone. When the loved ones refused to believe them, they filmed the torture of their children and sent it on their mobile phones.

The families have appealed the federal government to come to their aid and get their loved ones released from captivity.

Pakistan’s Foreign Office (FO) has taken notice of the incident and has started to gather information of the kidnapped youngsters.

According to FO, Turkish officials have ensured their full cooperation with Pakistan in this regard.



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