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Bone-tickling updates of budget 2018


The posts on this page are categorized as satire just to make budget news for you less tiresome and more of a fun. These are all fake updates and any resemblance will be purely coincidental.



Welcome to the updates 😉



5.15pm – PML-N announcing the ‘people-friendly’ budget 


Budget 2018



5.28pm – Opposition holds “high-level” meeting before the budget session


Budget 2018



5.53pm – EvidenceKarachi continues to be neglected in every budget! 


fake budget updates


6.08pm – When the govt refused to add PSP proposals to the budget!



6.08pm – The government’s calculation behind increase in salaries every year!


6.30pm –  PTI proposes new laptop scheme in the budget 2018



6.45pm – The PML-N government towards completion of tenure



7.00pm – The Minister, be like, after winding up the budget speech!




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