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Hungary orchestra leaves opera to watch Euro 2016 game on TV

With Hungary losing 1-0 against Iceland in a Group F tie, Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra musicians downed instruments between Acts of Richard Wagner’s “Siegfried” opera to catch the closing stages.

“When the Second Act of the opera was over, the orchestra pit emptied in record time,” Marcell Nemeth, spokesman for the MUPA concert hall in Budapest, told sports daily Nemzeti Sport.

Hungary rescued a draw two minutes from the end with an own goal by Iceland defender Birkir Savarsson.

When the musicians came back for the Third Act they had painted Hungary’s national colours on their faces in celebration, Nemeth said.

The performances of surprise Group F leaders Hungary have delighted success-starved Hungarians.

After their 2-0 win against Austria in the group opener and the 1-1 draw against Iceland thousands of people celebrated on the streets of Budapest, blocking traffic on main roads.



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