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Hurriyat leadership exposes India’s double standards on Jadhav’s verdict

SRINAGAR: All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) commenting on the verdict by International Court of Justice about the Indian spy, Kulbushan Jadhav, has said that if the Indian government can exhaust all its resources to see its citizen free, why the same government and its functionaries very brazenly and cunningly deny justice to unarmed Kashmiri people.

The APHC in a statement issued in the occupied Kashmir, said the fact is India has forcibly caged the entire Kashmiri population for the past seven decades and when anybody demands and asks for its rights—they are silenced with bullets, pallets, cordon and search operations (CASO) and jails, and now a new war weapon in the form of investigative agencies has been used rather misused to crush every genuine voice for justice, as per Kashmir Media Service.

“We as a human want justice to prevail and should be done to every individual or nation striving for it. The Indian government says it can go to any extent to get justice for his citizen and it actually did nock the doors of the international court of justice,” the APHC said.

The APHC said these double standards don’t suit a nation claiming to be the largest democracy. It said, “Sooner or later, we too will come out of the shackles of slavery—but deliberate delay and denial may prove detrimental for the oppressor itself, that is why we sincerely and honestly wish that this issue be resolved to avoid those destructive repercussions which India definitely has to share.”




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