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Husband claims dead wife reaching out to him!

And that too on petty matters such as his ability to snore or wear her slippers!

Ted wasn’t scared though; the man even felt elated at the thought that his wife found the time to contact him from the next realm! He disclosed that his late wife had contacted him through a clairvoyant and issued clear instructions to not wear her slippers. And this is how she told him enough was enough,” “You’re wearing my slippers – take them off NOW.”

Ted disclosed that his dead wife also didn’t take kindly to his annoying bedtime habits and also did not hesitate in chiding him for it.  He said she recently woke him by bellowing: “Stop bloody sniffing!”

Ted stated that this was the exact words she used when she was alive, hence there was no question of him doubting it. She also got very irritated when I flicked my fingers or sucked my teeth.When she went off on one, she went blood-red, but she never held a grudge.If we had a bit of a set-to, it would go on for five minutes and that was it.”

Ted also disclosed the fact that his wife was proud of her home and was a workaholic. She used to do her utmost in ensuring that their home remained spick and span and has continued the act even after her demise! According to Ted, she has been keeping items back in their places and switching off lights at night.

The experiences haven’t been limited with Ted, however. Yvonne has also made her presence known to granddaughter Chelsea who played Yvonne’s favorite song, the Gracie Fields’ classic, If I Knew You Were Comin’ I’d’ve Baked a Cake. Yvonne slammed the over door shut in response.

His wife’s contact has made Ted a firm believer in the afterlife. “I was a sceptic, I’m not now,” he stated. “Believe you me, I’m seeing it. It’s happening in front of me.”



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