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Husband arrested in Karachi school principal’s murder

KARACHI: The husband of a school principal, who was allegedly killed after resisting a robbery attempt on December 10, has reportedly confessed to her murder, ARY News reported.

Ambreen Fatima, the principal of a school, was reportedly shot dead in Soldier Bazaar area. However, further investigation revealed that her husband was the killer.

Police have arrested three suspects including the husband, Ali Hassan, school teacher Sehar Shams and her brother, Balaaj.

Police said that the husband has confessed that he concocted the murder as a robbery attempt. However, police recovered phone records which helped solved the murder.

Ambreen, aged 41, had two children with Ali Hassan, who wanted to contract a second marriage leading to repeated arguments between them. She is also said to be good friends with Shams.

Police suspect the the Ali Hassan has secretly married school teacher Shams. He had also visited Shams after the incident, while she had informed her brother. Further investigation is conducted on the suspects to see the level of shams’ involvement in the murder.

Ambreen Fatima was reportedly shot dead by robbers and the incident was linked to rising street crime in the city.

After the incident, Ali Hassan had told police that he and wife were driving around Solider Bazaar when two armed men on motorcycles intercepted them and asked for valuables. This created some resistance after which the robbers shot dead his wife.



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