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I Am Happy Not to Work With Saif : Kareena Kapoor

When asked why they are not seen on the screen, Kareena said: “It’s not on the top of our list.”

Indian media revealed that the real life couple Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan are not interested in doing a project together because when they teamed up on the screen, their chemistry failed to entice audiences.

Saif and Kareena’s romance reportedly blossomed on the sets of Tashan and later when they teamed up for Kurbaan and Agent Vinod, the news made headlines, but their chemistry failed to scorch the screen. In fact, all the three films turned out to be damp squibs.

Kareena laid the blame on the scripts.

“If our films have not worked, it’s because of the scripts. If the films have not worked, then I feel the story was not that great! I don’t believe in things like chemistry and I feel the pairing depends on the story. If the story is strong the chemistry also looks good. If story is not good you can’t do anything,” she said.

“I am happy not to work with Saif,” added the 33-year-old who married Saif in 2012.



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