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I Am Karachi Museum: Depicting a metropolis through images, travelogues

There is no two opinions that Karachi has seen all kinds of untoward incidents such as target killings, terror attacks, robberies, dacoities and what not in past couple of years.

The event showcased photographs and travelogues of students from all corners of the city.

Mohsin Tejani, Founder and Executive Director of The School of Writing (TSW), said that the students were taken to attractive sports of the metropolis but realized that all six districts of the city Karachi Cental, South, East, West, Korangi and Malir were needed to be focused in their works.

He said that the works of 320 participants from the six zones were selected for the exhibition.

Tejani also stated that they had received 70,000 contributions for the exhibition that were shortlisted afterwards.

Mohsin Tejani speaking at the event

Some of the notable photographs included images of street shop owners, fortune telling parrots, Karachi beach and children taking swims in the ponds across the city.

Photographer and instructor Danial Shah said that some of the participants did not even know how to use cameras properly. Those not having cameras were requested to share the apparatus with others, he said. He added that the project has helped the participants owning their city.

Some of the writers read their travelogues out in front of the audience themselves. The audience cheered and clapped when they finished reading their writing pieces.

A writer reads his travelogue in front of the audience
Audience listen to the travelogues written by the students

There was a relaxing spot for the people where they could sit and relax while a food and drinks stall was also set up for the people to enjoy delicacies and beverages.

The cooks hard at work during the I Am Karachi Museum




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