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I am ready for marriage: Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen is looking to get hitched and she’s currently searching for Mr.Right!

The Bollywood actress stated that she was ready to marry and that her two daughters, Renée and Alisah, were also cool with the idea. However, Sen said that the real challenge lay in finding Mr.Right.

“My kids have exactly the same mindset as me. We are open to life, and whatever it brings. I don’t think that (her wedding) will be a problem because of the way I have raised them. So, marriage will not be a problem, finding the right man is,” she said.

However, Sushmita also spoke on how she meant to keep her daughters away from the limelight, for the time being since she viewed education as their top priority, at the moment. The beautiful actress will soon be judging a comedy show.

“I never bring my younger daughter, Alisah, on the sets. I wanted to keep her away as long as possible. But I brought her on the sets of this show, and as expected, she was on the mic telling me what to do,” says Sushmita, adding, “Both my daughters have enough talent; they just have to channelize it well.”

Sushmita also spoke on how she meant to giver her children a normal life and a good upbringing.

“The mindset is to take them out to the grocery shop, to the park and into a normal environment, and not force upon them what I do. It’s all about teaching my children, at a very young age, to identify with people from the point of view of who they are and not what they do,”she said.

Sushmita also revealed that we might see a younger version of herself, in the form of her daughter Renée, who was adamant on being a part of showbiz. However, there was a condition that her mother had set for her.

She can’t wait to get done with school, and then be on the sets. She is very clear about that. But I have a deal with her. She can do anything with her life as long as she has a degree. She is very enamoured with showbiz,” said Sen.

Sushmita Sen had been in a serious relationship with fellow Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda for quite some time, before both of them split.



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