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I am surviving only on 25 percent of my liver today: Amitabh Bachchan

We all know that the senior Bachchan is a survivor, who has withstood all challenges and remained at the pinnacle of the Indian film industry for quite a few decades on end. However, his latest revelation startled the world when he revealed that he was surviving on only a quarter of his liver and three-fourths of it had already been lost to Hepatitis B virus.

Speaking at the launch of a media campaign for awareness related to Hepatitis B, Amitabh revealed how he had contracted the virus. According to the actor himself, he had been injected with 60 bottles of blood from more than 200 donors, after a serious accident on the sets of the movie Coolie inflicted a serious injury on him.

“Hepatitis B came to me accidentally. After my accident on the sets of Coolie, I was infused with the blood of about 200 donors and 60 bottles of blood were injected into my system. The Australian antigen Hepatitis B had only been detected three months ago and it was very new for being detected also among various tests needed to be carried out before giving blood to another patient.”

Amitabh Bachchan
Amitabh Bachchan in a scene from Coolie

Bachchan revealed that he was functioning like a normal person till 2000, eighteen years after the accident when during a medical checkup his doctor informed him that 75 percent of his liver had been lost to Hepatitis B.
“I was told that my liver was infected and I had lost 75 per cent of my liver. So, if I am standing here today, you are looking at a person who is surving with 25 per cent of liver. That is the bad part. The good part is you can survive even with 12%. But no one wants to get to that stage,” said the legend.

Amitabh Bachchan had earlier claimed in 2012 that he had been clinically dead for a couple of minutes after the accident had taken place. The accident took place when Amitabh was filming for a fight scene for Coolie when he hit his abdomen on a table, causing internal bleeding.



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