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I came to end ‘fear’ in Karachi, not to gain a seat, says Imran

Addressing a huge rally at Shahrah e Pakistan here on Sunday, Imran Khan said the city which has the most capable and educated masses was ruined since the politics of ‘Mohajirs and guns’ began here.

He named several prominent personalities from Karachi who represented Pakistan on various forums and said that the city from which every political movement used to originate fell prey to ethnicity.

“Yesterday, I mistakenly heard Altaf Hussain’s speech on TV and I witnessed that the MQM chief momentarily getting saddened, joyous, serious etc,” mocked the PTI chairman.

“This is the city with most dynamic people, what they might be thinking after hearing a man who is sitting abroad for 23 years and his party sitting in every government here,” Khan claimed to have expressed these thoughts to his wife Reham Khan while listening to Mr Hussain’s speech yesterday.

“Karachi is the financial hub of the country and the country cannot flourish if peace was not restored here,” he said while addressing the Karachi populace. “And peace can’t be established here as long as political parties will be keeping armed men with them.”

“I have dreamt of things from playing test cricket to becoming world’s best all-rounder, then to winning a World Cup for Pakistan,” he elaborated. “We will make Karachi what it is poised to and have potential of.”

While slamming some parliamentarians for their behavior inside the National Assembly, Imran Khan said that he went to the Parliament to express his views on Yemen and suggest the government not to land its forces in the conflict.

“I had opposed Pakistan inclusion in US war ten years ago and the entire nation is witnessing its outcome to the date,” the skipper said. “No matter if the jackals team up and howl at someone inside the assembly, it is Almighty Allah with whom one’s prestige is associated”.

He said: Nabeel Gabol admitted that bogus votes were polled for him in 2013, now we will see how many votes the opponents secure, for now the Rangers personnel will be performing the security duties both inside and outside polling stations.

Imran Khan also thanked Majlis Wahdatul Muslimeen (MWM) for backing PTI in the by-election.

“I came here with my wife so that I want women also to come out on April 23 and vote for Imran Ismail,” he urged.

While praising the PTI candidate from NA-246, he said, “I felt glad watching you under attack, but not giving in like a true Pakistani, who fears none and stands for the right.”

“It is not about a single National Assembly seat, a mere seat does not matter for us,” Imran Khan said. “The purpose of my arrival here was to kill the atmosphere of fear and to lay the foundation of a Naya Pakistan from Karachi.”

In the end, the PTI chairman appealed the entire Urdu-speaking community naming Memons, Ismailis and others to support PTI and to vote for Imran Ismail.



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