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My visits to US & other foreign countries have made me fluent in English – next film will be in English: Meera

She’s notorious for attempting to speak in English and messing it all up (like most of her scandals). Pakistani actress Irtiza Rubab, more commonly known as Meera stated that visiting the United States has helped her to speak English fluently. Owing to this, the actress now feels that she can now star in English films!

Meera also revealed that she planned to release as much as 10 films under her production banner and that it would certainly aid Lollywood’s revival. Meera also stated that she wanted to promote a soft image of Pakistan and wanted to make her country’s name synonymous with lucrative film making.

Meera said that she will produce and star in an English based film titled Oscar and stated that the actress’ visits to the United States had paid off in making her grasp the language.  “By visiting the United States and other foreign countries, I’ve gotten the opportunity to speak in English and am now fluent in and can perform in an English film,” said the actress

Meera also shared important details regarding Oscar, disclosing that the film would go on floors in July and that her siblings and mother were involved in its production process. Meera said that she was currently holding talks with renowned directors and artists for upcoming projects as well. The actress also cited her inspirations, which included a wide array of artists from all over the world, such as Britney Spears, Babra Sharif, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Angelina Jolie.

Meera has been notorious in the past for her inability to speak fluent English and often make silly grammatical errors. If the actress has really mastered the impossible and learned to speak English fluently, kudos to her! But it it must also be borne in mind that for a woman such as Meera, trying her hand in English might be courting danger!


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