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I.G.Sindh directs Sindh Police to take legal action against prank callers

According to a press release issued by the office of the spokesperson of Sindh Police, I.G. Sindh Police Ghulam Haider Jamali has directed the police to take legal action against those who were prank calling at Madadgar 15 police helpline. He said that due to such prank calls, citizens who wanted to inform police regarding criminal activities and those who wanted to genuinely report crimes as well, were being made to suffer.

I.G. Sindh Police also stressed on the police to keep in mind the effectiveness of SMS service, also issue a report to start a SMS service for Madadgar 15. For this,  he said that a report which provided detailed suggestions and steps to start the SMS service, should be issued soon. He said that for this, the area’s traders and other stakeholders’ suggestions should also taken into account, so that the police response could be made better.

Ghulam Haider Jamali was briefed regarding the performance of Madadgar 15 Call Center during the year 2015 and was informed that out of the 41,51,447 calls received during the year, as many as 35,22,434 were prank calls. The police’s response on verified calls enabled them to experience success.

According to the report, during the previous year as many as 31,807 calls were received for conflict and disputes, as many as 2,198 calls were received about fires, 2,571 phone calls reported cash amount being stolen, 8,487 calls were received regarding mobile phone snatching and 5,067 calls were received related to traffic and other incidents.

It was also stated in the report that due to respective police stations and units’ response activities, during the 36 police raids, as many as 3079 thieves, robbers and suspicious persons were arrested. During these activities by the police, 198 children were returned to their parents and 2,507 vehicles and 4,102 motorcycles were returned to their real owners.



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