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I had more respect when I was single: Reham Khan

Ever since her divorce to PTI chairman Imran Khan, Reham has been very open regarding her status as a mother, daughter and an ex wife. The broadcast journalist and human rights activist recently spoke to a leading Indian English weekly and stated in her usual forthright manner that she had more respect when she was not married.

Reham Khan

“This is the fantasy women are fed on. They think they are treated with dignity with a man. But I had more respect when I was single. It was the biggest mistake I made,” said Khan.

Reham also spoke about how the former cricketer failed to defend her from her ferocious critics and that ultimately led to their divorce.
“Through the marriage, I had only one issue – that why is everyone attacking me and why is this man not doing anything about it. And then at the time of the divorce, people said so many things about me, like poisoning him and hitting him,” she said.

Reham Khan

Reham also spoke about how certain friends of her were of the view that the divorce would turn out to be better for her but that only she realized it came with a heavy cost at the end of the day.
“Some of my friends said that it was good for me because I will be more controversial and make more money, which is logical and true. But what they do not understand is that ultimately, I had to pay a hefty price,” she said.

Reham also criticised other women and said that females harmed each other. She cited the example of her own family who were extremely critical of her divorce and even her own mother did not come to her aid.
“My family did not support me. The women in my family were worst critics. In fact, for six years, my mother wouldn’t refer to it as a divorce, she would call it a separation. It’s ‘us’, women who discourage other women,” she said.

“It’s also because we are conditioned that way from childhood. I know my rights and all the laws. But I did not register my nikaah. I didn’t ask for prenuptial and continued to compromise. I was financially independent but chose to live in the shadow of the man I chose. I did not pursue things legally because I was told it’s not the right thing to do,” said the former BBC weather girl.



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