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I have 150 unreleased songs: Atif Aslam

Pakistani singer Atif Aslam has struck a chord with people from all walks of life and age group (the youth in particular) for his melodious voice and talented singing. Ever since his debut album, Atif has received universal acclaim and praise for his unique sound and versatile ability to croon songs.

The Pakistani singer last released an album 8 years ago titled Meri Kahani. Atif has stated that he has a plethora of unreleased tracks, more than 150 but has not thought of releasing an album. This is due to the fact that business models are changing nowadays as musicians have changed the release trend from albums to singles. Also, fans prefer downloading an entire album illegally instead of purchasing discs.

“All these years I’ve composed my music as well. I have a complete library of 150 songs at the moment. I haven’t released them because the business model has completely changed,” stated Aslam. “I’m again trying to do independent music now. I’m working on a couple of songs. I will release them by the end of this year. They are not going to be an album, just singles. That’s the trend now.”

“Not too many people buy CDs now. They are just into downloading and they need a gap of about a month or so for the next song because they get tired of the album. They don’t want to hear the same sort of music and there is so much music happening at the moment, so they don’t have time.”

Atif is about to release a new song which will also feature Bollywood’s fresh and trending actor Tiger Shroff. Zindagi aaraha hoon main has been described as a song for the youth. The artist had earlier made a stellar comeback with the soulful song Jeena Jeena for Bollywood film Badlahpur.

Can’t place blame on Atif for making such business choices as artists around the world have been hounded by piracy and bootlegging.





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