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I have 21 hours of video evidence against Mashhood: Asim Malik

“I would call it a bribe”,  the owner of Future Concern Asim Malik told Mubasher Lucman.

In an exclusive interview with ARY News, Malik revealed that he was contacted by Rana Mashhood through his wife Zubia Malik as the lady was all set to contest elections from Bhera, watching her popularity in the constituency Mashhood wanted her not to contest elections or join PML-N.

Shahbaz Sharif’s Demands

As Zubia refused, She and Asim were told to meet CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif who demanded two things from them.

1.  To join PML-N

2. Not to pursue a bill proposing modern education for seminary students in Pakistan.

He maintained that he was first threatened than demanded a bribe of about two million rupees for a PML-N rally in Gujranwala as his wife refused both, the offer and the order.

Soon after the incident, another 20 million were demanded from him, Malik said.


About the video which shows Rana Mashhood taking two million rupee cheque in bribe from him, Asim Malik challenged Mashhood to prove if a single word spoken in the video is fake or inserted.

Malik announced that if the minister did not confess his crime in 24 hours, he will come up with more evidence.

“And trust me, I have lots”, said a confident Asim Malik.

Asim Malik told Mubasher Lucman that he has almost 21 hours of video evidence against Rana Mashhood.




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